Izohome Multi-functional Insulation has entered insulation industry of the country to culturalize the building insulation for optimal energy use, create a quiet place, and improve the quality of the building with the most up-to-date technologies in the world.


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Patent and Trademark Registration Certificates

Izohome Multi-Functional Insulation, an Iranian Patent with a Proprietary Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

Izohome Multi-Functional Insulation, an Iranian Patent with a Proprietary


1How is this insulation installed?
This product is easily installed. After impregnating the surface with adhesive, the insulation is installed and then it is covered by various mortars including plaster, cement mixtures, etc.
2How much noise reduction in decibels is possible with this insulation?
Airborne Sound Reduction of 16 to 35 Decibels, and Impact Sound Reduction of 29 Decibels
3Is it possible to install this insulation in buildings where people are currently living (after the end of the construction)?
Yes it is. Due to the easy installation and compatibility with various mortars as well as the hygienic nature of the product, it can be installed after the completion of the project.
4Are Izohome Fibers made from stone or glass wool?
No, they are made from polyester hollow fibers with novel technology.
5Does this product cause inflammation and itching of the skin?
Not at all. Izohome product never causes skin and respiratory sensitizations and it is completely hygienic.

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