After Sales Service

izohome61 - After Sales Service

After Sales Service

Despite the high quality of the products and services of Iranian Tavrizh Ark Company, Izohome product is guaranteed for 10 years, there is also after sales service for this product.

The following services are provided to satisfy the customers:

Sending Products to all Parts of the Country within 72 Hours

Installing the Product by Experienced Personnel

Replacement of the Product in case of Rupture and Damage during Shipment

Free Advice to Purchase the Right Insulation

* When purchasing the product, the warranty card must be signed and stamped by the seller and the date of purchase must be stated on the card.

* Customers should bring the warranty card when they go to the company for after-sales service, otherwise the product will not be covered by warranty.

انگلیسی 212x300 - After Sales Service

After Sales Service

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