Izohome Sound Insulation

IZOHOME6 - Izohome Sound Insulation

Izohome Sound Insulation

Izohome Sound Insulation : Observing insulation principles is one of the most important issues in building construction.

Article 19 of urban development and building construction regulations explains the insulation principles.

Izohome Sound Insulation can block outside noise.

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Appropriate Ways to Select the Correct Sound Insulation

Due to the population growth, urban development, as well as the settlement of people in close proximity to each other, and most importantly, technology development, noise pollution has become one of the growing concerns.

In addition to being of a good quality, an appropriate sound insulation should have a reasonable price.

A proper sound insulation should have a proper thickness.

The extent to which a sound insulation can block noise, is another factor to determine an appropriate sound insulation.

Important Facts about the Izohome Sound Insulation

Noise Reduction depending on the thickness of the product from 16 to 26 dB per Layer of the Product

Small Thickness Compared Similar Products

Completely Hygienic

No Skin and Respiratory Sensitization

Easy Implementation

Sanitary and EU Certificate

Long Lifetime

High Tensile Strength

Resistant to Impact

Competitive Price


ISO 9001 Certificate

Izohome 9001 e1555928434580 300x212 - Izohome Sound Insulation

Izohome Sound Insulation

CRM Certificate

Izohome crm e1540032995484 300x212 - Izohome Sound Insulation

CE Certificate

Izohome ce e1540033055860 300x212 - Izohome Sound Insulation

The abovementioned factors should be considered in order to select an appropriate sound insulation.

Is Izohome sound insulation only effective as a sound insulation?

Izohome sound insulation was first invented and patented as a multipurpose insulation in Iran.

This sound insulation can also be effective as a thermal insulation. It can save the energy inside the building, resulting in less energy consumption in different seasons.

Izohome multipurpose insulation is patented and registered as Sound Insulation, Thermal insulation, Moisture Insulation, and Reinforcement Insulation.

In a multi-story building with multiple units in each floor, sound-related problems will irritate the residents according to the building materials used in the walls as well as the floor.

Since the insulation is not implemented in buildings, outside noise is entered to the house, and family comfort is disrupted as a result.

By studying appropriately, one can conclude that the cost of not implementing insulations in a building is far greater than the cost of implementing a proper insulation in the long run.

Some of non-recoverable costs due to the lack of sound insulation:

Including non-recoverable costs due to lack of sound insulation in homes:

Lack of Privacy

Disrupted comfort of others as well as the residents of the house

Not having a place to rest

Pressure on the nervous system due to the tensions

Chaos among residents of the building

It can be concluded that without an appropriate sound insulation in buildings, apartment living culture cannot be improved in the country.

Every day we observe construction or start of several projects inside the city.

Old buildings are demolished and new and elevated buildings replace them.

This means that the country is on the verge of progress in the field of construction.

Most people also welcome this progress.

Dear investors are trying to achieve this goal, but it is unfortunate that some people exploit this opportunity to profit more.

Buildings are getting improved in terms of appearance, height, and beauty, but principles are not completely observed for a better improvement.

With the help of the government and cooperation of the authorities, sound insulation issue can be established to help improve our beloved country.

Izohome Sound Insulation with a completely different and unique performance can be the first in the country to overcome all the insulation problems in buildings.

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