Izohome Thermal Insulation

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Izohome Thermal Insulation

Izohome Thermal Insulation : Given the population growth and fossil fuels reduction, the need to save energy is more significant these days.

Iran is one of the highest energy-consuming countries in the world (10th ranked country in 2017).

Regarding this fact, the need to use thermal insulation to reduce energy consumption in buildings should be further evaluated.

Due to lack of insulation or the use of inappropriate insulation, a huge amount of national capital is wasted annually.

In addition to reduction of energy resources in the country, people suffer financial losses.

This amount of damage is not noticeable in the short term but can be very significant in the long run.

Izohome Thermal Insulation can reduce energy consumption by 50%.

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Izohome thermal insulation diagram

Izohome Thermal Insulation Diagram

For example in buildings which are surrounded by open areas in several directions, the energy inside the house is wasted.

Due to the thin layers of the outer walls of the building, the exchange between the inside and outside air leads to energy waste.

In the summer, the heat of the sun which warms the walls of the building, makes the cooling system work continuously.

This continuous working is caused by lack of thermal insulation.

If there thermal insulation is implemented on the walls, heat exchange between the hot and cold air cannot happen and therefor the desired coolness can be achieved within a limited time.

It is the same in cold seasons; the cold air outside the walls of the house, makes the heating system work continuously.

In building construction it should be noted that thermal insulation is a determining factor of an efficient house.

A building without any thermal insulation is similar to wearing summer clothes in winter and vice versa.

If hot and cold air meet, sweating happens.

Regarding this, it can be said that if proper insulation is not used, we will encounter a number of problems.

In addition to being able to protect the building against cold and heat, an appropriate thermal insulation must also be able to withstand moisture.

Izohome Thermal Insulation has a thin layer and it can additionally be a good moisture insulation for the walls. Because it does not absorb moisture and can reinforce the walls against moisture.

A good thermal insulation should prevent the exchange of air between the inside and outside spaces of the house.

The cost of thermal insulation for the building is negligible, but over time, we will realize that the energy saved in this way is significant.

According to article 19 of urban development and building construction regulations, the insulation should be implemented in the building, but unfortunately, the necessary arrangements are not made for this issue.

Factors that differentiate Izohome thermal insulation from other insulations:

Low Thickness of the Product

Easy Installation

No skin and Respiratory Sensitization

No Particles or Debris

Light Weight of the Product


Sanitary Approvals

 Patent Registered

Competitive Price Compared to the Products in the Market

Long lifetime

Compatible with all Types of Building Mortars

Underlay and Overlay Implementation

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