IZOHOME4 - Resume

Izohome Resume

Having an impressive record of achievements on industrial and building insulation, Izohome Company is trying to make use of its capabilities to improve the insulation industry in Iran by relying on its expert and elite staff, high-performing ability, and brand-new technology. For more information, visit the website:

Some of the projects executed by the Iranian-Tavrizh Ark Company:

1- Insulating Ammonium Pipes of Pegah Azarbayjan Company

2- Insulating the Office of Tabriz Gostaresh Foolad Company

3- Insulating Farabi Music Institute

4- Insulating Operating Rooms of Keshto Sanaat Karoon Company

5- Taje Aras Hotel, Jolfa

6- Insulating the Shahid Kareem Boulevard Foundation Project, Qom

7- Lucy Snacks Company Project, Shokoohie Qom

8- Multipurpose Women’s Sports Hall of Tabriz University (together with the Yadman Ark Mihan Industrial Group)

9- Insulating Conference Hall of Tabriz Municipality Central building (together with the Yadman Ark Mihan Industrial Group)

 10- Technical Exhibition of Maku (together with the Yadman Ark Mihan Industrial Group)

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