Izohome Installation Guide

صوتی برای دیوار خارجی 1 - Izohome Installation Guide

Izohome Installation Guide

Required Tools:

Grooved Spatula, Cutter, Nail and Hammer, Measuring Tape, Ruler, Wide Trowel, Mixer

Required Materials:

Premium Tile Adhesive, Moquette Adhesive, Different Cement and Plaster Mortar (chose materials depending on place and conditions when installing)

Installation Procedure:

1- Add some water to the tile adhesive (different types of mortar) to make it doughy.

2- Scratch the surface with a hammer to make it uneven and ready for the product to adhere.

3- Uniformly impregnate the surface with the adhesive using a grooved spatula.

4- Install the Izohome insulation (before the adhesive dries) vertically or horizontally along the floor and the wall (make sure there is no gap) and apply pressure on the insulation by hitting it using a wide trowel.

5- Hammer nails in corners to make sure it has been properly attached.

6- After finishing the procedure and when the adhesive has completely dried, cover the surface with 5 to 10 mm of plaster or cement mortar (plastic netting or galvanized fence can be used to make the surface resistant to impact).

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