Izohome Insulation?

IZOHOME1 - Izohome Insulation?

Izohome Insulation?

Izohome insulation? : Izohome insulation has a lightweight and highly resistant fiber structure with insulating properties. Insulation should be soft and light, it should also have physical properties. Due to the polyester fibers and utilization of nanotechnology, this product can be a good thermal, sound, and moisture insulation as well as reinforcement for buildings, so that all four abovementioned advantages can be achieved with this one product.

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Izohome Insulation?

1- Sound, Thermal, and Moisture Insulation and Reinforcement

2- Fireproof, Fire-Retardant, and Non-flammable

3- No Skin and Respiratory Allergies

4- Antibacterial

5- Resistant to Insects and Rodents

6- Resistant to Wear and Abrasion

7- Resistant to Direct Sunlight

8- Resistant in Soil and Water Environments

9- Lightweight and Easy to Carry and Install

10- Resistant to Any Acid

11- Health Certificate Holder

12- Compatible with any Mortar

13- Breathability 14- Durable

15- Recyclable

16- Applicable in Different Industries

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